At Glemnet, we continually review our working practices and look at what we can do to minimise our impact on the environment. The team at Glemnet are encouraged to always be on the lookout for ideas to help reduce our collective carbon footprint.

How we’re minimising our impact on the environment.


Big Changes

In 2017, Glemnet reviewed all of our processes and procedures as part of our digital transformation. We ditched paper and further embraced all things digital. It was a mammoth task but we are now 95% paper-free.

We no longer have any paper processes. Sales Orders, Job Sheets, Invoices and all other documents are all electronically signed, delivered and stored securely in the cloud.

This has resulted in us reducing our printing by 85%

Having all of our documents in the cloud helps our staff to have the flexibility of working from home.

We have implemented a flexible working policy, Home/flexible working is actively encouraged.

Switching from traditional phone systems to hosted telephony has meant a reduction in deliveries of hardware to sites.  It has also meant more engineering work being carried out remotely rather than engineers and support staff travelling to customer sites.

All redundant hardware, where possible, is recycled.  We contact local schools and charities in the first instance.

Glemnet is a green achiever.


Small Changes

We have had bicycle stands installed on the company drive, to encourage cycling to work.

We no longer use disposable cups but each team member has their own reusable cup/drinks bottle.