5 measures to enable homeworking

Home working – are you up to speed with what you need?121256654_s low res.jpg

In the current climate we all need to properly prepare for what may be ahead.

Luckily huge advances in technology enables the possibility for home and remote working for all of us.

Businesses are able to function and continue ‘as usual’ without staff needing to be physically present in the office, as long as they have the right equipment and tools in place to operate productively from home.

5 measures to enable home working for your employees

1.       Physical equipment

Do your employees have the right physical equipment to enable them to work remotely? Where possible equip remote users with a company laptop or PC that matches what’s used in the office, with the same level of credentials and security settings in place.

If it’s not feasible to equip everyone with office laptops/PCs, do not allow users to access sensitive company data and services remotely using their own equipment or via a USB without it being thoroughly checked and made secure in the first instance.

2.       Business applications are up to date

Ensure users have updated all their systems and applications with the latest releases available to them. This helps ensure that any security threats or breaches are reduced.

3.       Secure and reliable internet connection

Check with individuals that they have access to an internet connection. If no connection exist what other options are available to them? E.g. 4G/5G dongle.

4.       Divert Calls

Either divert calls to their number or enable apps that work with the company phone system so that their business extension works as normal from wherever they are

5.       Business continuity plan

You should have a plan in place, some of the issues you may need to think about are supply chains, employees, cashflow and travel.  

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