Is your Business Cyber-Secure in 2019?

When you leave the office come the evening, lock up and do the usual final security checks, you assume the building will be safe.
However, threats to your business can be hidden from view…
When we think of the physical equipment we have in and out of the office, ask yourself how many devices are IP connected?
Laptops, mobile phones, radios, maybe your desk phones… Each and every single communication device is vulnerable to cyber attacks from hackers, and sadly it’s rare a day goes by now without cyber security and security breaches being in the news.
So is your Cloud Security up to date?
Hackers are staying one step ahead of the game, and they keep on achieving this by installing more and more sophisticated and malicious software ready to steal your sensitive documents. It seems improbable, but you’ll be surprised how many hackers frequently call up businesses and manage to get employees to reveal password details, then quickly gain trust and access to the employees’ computer system.
There have been a recent series of bold cyber security attacks on high-profile targets, which shows increasing willingness to use disruptive and destructive measures to seriously harm companies.
Around 200 days is the average time taken to notice a cyber security breach!  Just imagine how much damage can be done in that time to your network.
It’s something that we’d rather not think about, but crucially needs addressing.
And it’s not just your physical office.
With businesses becoming more and more mobile (we love flexible working here at Glemnet, and many of our team are often out and about visiting customers), there is a greater risk of a business losing more control over how and where information is used.
Internet security is much more than just an anti-virus system, and cyber security breaches aren’t always dangerous but disruptive, affecting business productivity and compromising data security.
Glemnet can offer a complete security audit of your email system, servers, network and computers, and then advise you on the best setup for your business.
Our audit is completely free, so give us a call or contact us here and see how we can help.