It pays to be savvy about cyber crime

Jorge.pngOur very own Cyber Expert Jorges Geddes was recently interviewed for his Cyber Security insights for small businesses and reveals how acting now to set up your security defences can save businesses a small fortune….

This article first appeared in Kent’s Chamber of Commerce Magazine ‘Thinking Business’ in the June/July issue 2021.  

“Every other day we hear horror stories of companies losing vast amounts of money because they haven’t got their cyber security house in order. It’s a big problem for individuals and companies of all sizes – not just the large organisations."

“Lack of education on cyber security threats and risks to businesses has contributed to a general lack of investment towards cyber security defences for many.”

“Cyber-criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated and are looking for new ways of exploiting unsuspecting victims… Those who are caught potentially stand to lose a lot of money. A cyber attack has even forced some companies to go out of business.”

“Some organisations have tried to recruit a cyber security expert – but they are in short supply…The other option is to do nothing, which leaves your business at great risk, or enlist the services of a cyber security partner such as Glemnet.”

"Glemnet offers a full suite of cyber security products, services and training in various areas. These include end point security, data loss prevention and compliance, managed threat response, GDPR provisioning, and vulnerability and penetration testing."

 “Essentially, we help businesses to be more secure, productive and efficient, free to work from anywhere, with any device, at any time, safely and securely."

To find out how we can get your Cyber Security defences in order book a 15 minute call with Jorge here.

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Read the full Thinking Business Magazine here.

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