Webinar - What is Autonomous Cyber Security Training? A CISO's perspective on a proven new approach to training enterprise employees.

On 21st October, we held a webinar on autonomous security training as now more than ever, enterprises are looking for new ways to make an impact to their organisation's security and explore new ideas around security training to simplify the effort required.

Webinar CybeReady

In the webinar, we found out how Menzies Distribution, one of the UK and Ireland’s largest overnight time-critical logistics networks has implemented its cybersecurity strategy involving its employees. 


Speakers in the webinar:

Ian Parker - Chief Information Security Officer at Menzies Distribution

Ian has 25 years’ experience in Security with 20 of those directly in Information Security. Led major programmes around creating Information Security structures and teams within UK Government Agencies and Departments. Was Head of Corporate Information Security for the EMEIA Region for Fujitsu Services for 13 years. Joined Menzies Distribution in 2018 as CISO.

Mike Polatsek - Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Offer at CybeReady

Mike is a former National Security Agency (NISA) Security Training Manager for Israel and has more than 25 years' experience training large enterprises, public sector companies and government agencies.

Jorge Geddes – IT and Cyber Security Sales Manager at Glemnet

Jorge has over 15 years’ experience helping business’ find the right Cyber Security solutions. In May 2020, Glemnet acquired Cyber Secure Ltd, the company he founded.

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