4 tools to help keep your business running remotely and stay connected

Working remotelyThe current situation globally has meant people have had to quickly adapt and adopt (if they hadn’t already) the huge advances in technology to enable businesses to keep running whilst employees work from home.

Glemnet’s support team have been inundated over the last couple of weeks with existing clients’ and new business requests for call diverts and information and implementation of cloud tools and products to enable home working. 

Its more important then ever to stay connected. But do you have what you need? There are a plethora of products and applications available and many new ones being released, that can help your business to keep functioning and keep your employees and customers connected. 

4 tools to help keep your business running remotely and stay connected  

1.    Microsoft Teams 
Microsoft aims to keep teams connected while they work apart by making Microsoft Teams available to as many people as possible. 
As a Microsoft Silver Partner, here at Glemnet we have been using Microsoft Teams ourselves and deploying to businesses of all sizes for the last 2 years. Teams allows you to chat, meet, audio and video call, and collaborate all in one place, helping to improve overall productivity.

2.    Docusign 
Docusign is electronic signing made simple. It is one of the most widely used and trusted e-signature document platforms with over 200+ million users arosss 180+ countries. It allows users to sign documents anywhere, on any device without the need for couriers, faxing or waiting. Documents are encrypted and a complete audit trail maintained.
We’ve been using docusign for all our supplier and client contracts and agreements for a number of years and it really is one of the best out there :)

3.    Cloudya from NFON
Cloudya is a cloud telephone system from NFON. It’s important whilst we continue to work remotely and even when things do hopefully go back to normal that we are always available to our clients and colleagues via the phone. A cloud telephone system allows you to achieve this and more. Among its many great features, Cloudya has; easy set up in the cloud, no expensive maintenance contracts, easily tailored options for your needs - you decide number of extensions and features, independent set up – meaning it is not physically present anywhere and also allows you to be a fully mobile office. 

4.    Business Mobile Wifi 
Is your connectivity struggling under the number of users and devices all being used in your household now? Mobile Wi-Fi, or MiFi, allows you to connect multiple Wi-Fi devices to a single 4G data SIM into a router and get back online. We are able to provide 30 day rolling contracts with EE, 02, Vodafone across all tariffs currently until 30/04/2020.

If you need further advice or support on getting your business up and running remotely, please get in touch with sales@glemnet.com or call 0208 639 0230

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