When it comes to deadlines, it’s an awful feeling when you know that one is looming and you don’t have a plan in place or a project anywhere near finished. This is never more true that when it comes to implementing new systems, and the more time that you can commit to a project, the better it will be.
One such deadline that definitely isn’t going away is the switch-off of the UK’s ISDN telephone network. 
In much the same way that analogue TV signals were made obsolete nearly a decade ago, the same will soon be happening in the world of telephony. In 2025 BT will switch off the traditional ISDN network, with services being replaced by more modern and cost-effective IP Voice services AKA Hosted Cloud Telephony.
But it’s not just the 2025 deadline that is encouraging businesses to switch to the cloud when it comes to their telephones.
45% of UK businesses have already made the move to Hosted Cloud Telephony (Cavell – SIP and IP Trunking Market Report & Forecast 2016) and these numbers are increasing year on year.
At Glemnet we’re encouraging our existing customers to make the move in plenty of time to more flexible, efficient and cost-effective hosted cloud telephony.
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