Don’t end up like Jeff Bezos – get the right security in place across all devices for your business

64020833_s.jpgJeff Bezos, the Amazon Billionaire and owner of the Washington Post allegedly had his phone ‘hacked’ in 2018 via an encrypted message from the Saudi Crown Prince via ‘WhatsApp’. The message was believed to have contained a malicious file, an ‘infected’ video file. According to a source for the Guardian, large amounts of data were exfiltrated from Bezos’s phone within hours.

Do you have the right security in place for your business to ensure this doesn’t happen to your employees? 

Can you afford to have your systems and files hacked, potentially leaving your business paralysed and unable to continue as normal…for what could be hours, weeks or even months.

Security can’t wait.

As a Microsoft Silver Partner, we can help your business stay secure using Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security, known as Microsoft EMS.

According to, think of Microsoft EMS as a device management and virtual-identity-management suite.

In a cloud-based world where employees want to work from all their devices, Microsoft EMS allows IT maximum security and control.  

The benefits

Microsoft EMS allows you or your IT team to retain control and ensure security, even when employees want to work from their own devices.

-          Single sign-on to any app or service from any device

-          Secure access to company data from any device

-          Document-level security

-          Constant security monitoring

From as little as £6.60 per user per month you can get secure.

Security can’t wait. Contact the Glemnet Sales team to find out how we can help you. or 020 8639 0230

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