Does your communications cabinet look like spaghetti junction? We can help!

We recently helped a 4 star London hotel get their communications cabinet in order.St Ermins communications server - before and after.png

The existing cabling had been a build-up of years’ of additional installs across their voice, data, CCTV and WiFi networks on the main server cabinet and on the subsidiary cabinets spread across two rooms. It was evident that cables had been installed without proper due care and attention and therefore required a complete overhaul and tidy-up to make the area presentable and make it easier for future work to take place.

We systematically disconnected one cable at a time and re-routed or replaced with a new patch cable. The result was a vast improvement on how it looked before and was set up for future work to easily take place.

Glemnet can help you if your cabinet looks like this!

Don’t wait any longer. Contact the Glemnet sales team on or 020 8639 0230.

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