Why we love NFON Hosted Telephony

NFON provides Hosted telephony for businesses without the upfront costs – whether your business has 2 or 200 people, single-site or multi-site, there are so many benefits to choosing NFON when you’re taking the plunge into hosted telephony.
Here are some of the reasons why we love NFON Hosted Telephony:

The Glemnet/NFON system is replicated across two data centres and in each data centre has multiple power feeds, including Uninterrupted Power Supplies and backup diesel generators, multiple air-conditioning feeds in a climate controlled environment, five inbound connectivity feeds and four outbound links to voice carriers. This guarantees that the system should stay operational no matter what goes wrong. Compare this to a comms room in your building with one power supply which is probably also the cleaners cupboard and you’ll see the difference!

Future Proof
An onsite telephone system stays the same from the day you bought it, unless you pay significant sums for upgrades along the way, with NFON Hosted Telephony, the system is constantly being updated centrally, adding new features and service and as you take a license to use the latest version you aren’t stuck with the legacy system you bought, you automatically get upgraded to the latest and greatest system every few months. We’ll also never charge you upgrade costs for this. NFON Hosted Telephony has so many features that you won’t use them all at first, but that doesn’t mean your business’ communication needs won’t change in the future. You can turn on new services or features later when you are ready. Don’t want call recording now but might have it in the future? Great, just pay for the basic platform at first and when you’re ready add a few recorded licenses later for a few pounds.

Feature Rich
A premises based system is built for the number of users you want and you don’t get the benefits and features you would find on a corporate-sized system. With hosted, the platform is not just corporate-sized, it is carrier-sized, therefore no matter how many users you take you get the same feature set as previously only the largest of organisations could afford. Zero CapEx Our platform is already built and running thousands of users therefore you don’t have to start again and buy the system. Tthe only upfront charges you might have are for handsets, switches and routers and we even do a Zero CapEx option where we will spread these costs over the contract term. You could have a new phone system, in a week without using up a large portion of your available cash.

Geographically Independent
With hosted all your locations sit on one partition, therefore no matter how many sites you have or remote workers you need, you can have one contract, one management portal, one reporting platform and one bill. Between all these sites and remote users, all calls remain free….forever!

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