5 Ways to help your team be more productive

Productivity seems to be a ‘buzz word’ these days, with both businesses and individuals looking to maximise their use of time throughout the day. But how can you realistically achieve this in a team when you potentially have so many different job roles and personalities working together?

Here are some ideas to help your team be more productive when working together:
1. Let employees be themselves
There is no replacement for authenticity, and if employees feel they need to be someone they’re not, it’s recipe for misery within the work place. If you can embrace everyone’s personalities and let their strengths shine, then that leads to more energy and productivity all round. Also, if you’re in a leadership role, don’t feel you have to take on a certain style because you perceive it’s the ‘thing’ to do, even if it’s not ‘you’. Behaving in a manner that is consistent with your own beliefs and values will also give you more energy each day, and it will send a message to your employees to be themselves.

2. Empower them with the best technology
At Glemnet we use Microsoft Teams to communicate wherever we’re working, whether it’s in the office, at home or ‘on the road’ in between visiting clients. With one of the key features of Teams being ‘Group Chat’, it provides a central place for our various working groups i.e. sales and marketing to collaborate and share news and ideas.

3. Encourage a certain amount of risk taking
Let’s set a scenario here. If there were a 40 percent chance that a project one would fail, and a 60 percent chance it would succeed, then the decision to pursue the project will be largely based on their perception of the risk of failure. If your business implements a culture where failure is met with harsh criticism and fear of being fired, these 60/40 decisions that, overall, would benefit a company, won’t be carried out. At Glemnet we like our staff to face decisions like these all the time on whether to try something a bit more ambitious than the norm. We believe that encouraging some risk taking not only makes our team more confident and autonomous, but it also yields more output within a culture of innovation.

4. Give your team freedom and autonomy
Whilst being in the office is crucial to certain roles, and is great for bouncing off ideas and creating a team atmosphere, it’s a also great to embrace flexible working and a good work/life balance where possible. We make the most of working from home from time-to-time by using some of our key cloud solutions, such as our innovative GiNiEX Unified Communications product. You can see how our Glemnet Marketing Manager, Becky, uses it to work flexibly.

5. Hire the best people
Sounds obvious but make sure you hire the best people for the job, people who are passionate, hard working and keen to learn –  we like to think everyone who works for Glemnet is all of these things!

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