Connected Britain 2018

The great and good of the UK Connectivity world gathered in London to hear what’s happening next with Full Fibre rollout in the UK. The battle is on as the likes of CityFibre, with all of their newly raised cash, line up against BT Openreach, to roll out fibre to many cities across the country. Gamma has teamed up with Cityfibre to expand their portfolio into the resale channel, whilst Openreach promise to light up many more buildings with FTTP. Talktalk, as well as starting their own Fibre business, will jump on the Openreach Ducts and poles that are now available for access. There are many other Fibre providers (such as Community Fibre in London) and others working up and down the country now delivering Full fibre and 5G connectivity. Lots of cash is available to these companies as the financial markets see the opportunity to get involved in an industry that requires a lot of investment, but which offers high long term yields.
It is all good news for Managed Service Providers like Glemnet looking to provide a choice of competitively priced high speed connectivity, and over the top Cloud services to our customers. With Gigabit vouchers of up to £3k available, businesses are now awake to the possibilities of having low cost Full Fibre installed for their Digital transformation and Cloud Communications services.
Cloud technology needs these high speed connections and the benefits are immense to businesses of all sizes now able to turn their static work force into a fully equipped army of mobile workers ready to take on the world.
Neil Linter, Glemnet and GiNiEX Managing Director

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