How Docusign is helping bring educational establishments’ administration into the digital world

When it comes to educational establishments, from Primary Schools right through to higher education, the amount of potential paperwork involved on all sides (staff, pupils, parents) can be overwhelming. From admissions, finance and HR, through to permission slips for school discos, trips and sporting events, there is often so much to sign for these days that traditional paper admin is often struggling to keep up, leaving many parents and staff thinking “there must be a better way?”
As a parent of 3 myself, I know how much easier life has begun since my children’s school moved to an online consent form system. No more paper slips languishing in book bags for weeks on end, no more missing out on events because you’re never quite sure if that letter or form actually ever made it through your front door.
I can just log on and sign consent forms for any events my children are partaking in, write them in my diary and forget about them (well, for the time being), as they are all ‘ticked off’ with an easy click of a mouse.
If I think how easy this has made things for me, the parent, then for school staff their working life must be a million times more streamlined.
DocuSign helps you keep businesses (including schools) digital, by being the easy, fast, secure way to send, sign, manage and store documents in the cloud.
If you’re interested in your school moving to Docusign, contact us here.
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