Webinar - How Hackers Hack (And How to Protect Your Business)

The cybersecurity threat landscape has changed over the past few years and the number of attacks targeting SMEs has dramatically increased especially during 2020 where remote working became the norm. Phishing Scams increased by 400% over the month of March 2020 alone, making COVID-19 the largest-ever cyber security threat. (ReedSmith)

On 3rd December 2020, we held our “How Hackers Hack (And How to Protect Your Business)” webinar where Glemnet and SKOUT teamed up to reveal a demonstration of how easily hackers can get into your system from a few simple tricks. You will be shocked at just how easy it can be! In the webinar we provide some actionable advice on how you can protect yourself HOW HACKERS HACK SOCIAL 2 (4).pngand your business.


Speakers in the webinar:

JP Kehoe - General Manager EMEA at SKOUT

JP is spearheading the growth for SKOUT in the EMEA markets by deployment of the industry's most cutting-edge tools at affordable prices, providing the technology and protection to make cyber security accessible for all. The SKOUT platform is built using multitenancy technology with modern data analytics architecture and flexible pricing to help Managed Service Providers (MSPs) scale cybersecurity to their client base.

Jorge Geddes – IT and Cyber Security Sales Manager at Glemnet

Jorge has over 15 years’ experience helping business’ find the right Cyber Security solutions. In May 2020, Glemnet acquired Cyber Secure Ltd, the company he founded.

Kevin Williams - Sales Engineer at SKOUT

Kevin is a Cybersecurity Sales Engineer at SKOUT Cybersecurity. Kevin’s primary focus is on emerging technology issues and privacy concerns for organizations. He will be showcasing hacking demos and proving to you just how easy it is for information to be compromised.

If you would like to hear more about our Cyber Security services, get in touch by calling 020 8080 0230 or emailing info@glemnet.com.


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