So what’s all the fuss about fibre?

There’s been a lot in the news of late about full-fibre broadband but what does it actually mean for you and your business.

Fibre cables.jpg

What are the government saying?

The government are planning to spend £5bn on rolling out full fibre across the country by 2025. Chancellor Sajid Javid has said the £5bn investment would get full-fibre broadband to the hardest-to-reach 20% of the UK.

According to the BBC, the average household used 240 gigabytes of data a month in 2018, up 26% on the previous year, telecoms industry regulator Ofcom said.

Why do we need full-fibre?

More and more data and faster connection speeds are required to keep up with the ever increasing appetite for streaming services, downloading films and playing games.

What are the benefits of full fibre for me as a business?

Telecoms regulator, Ofcom, says among the many benefits, Full-fibre will;

  • increase productivity of staff
  • reduce the need for commuting as remote working is further facilitated 

How does it work and how can I get it?

Full-fibre connection (known as Fibre to the Premises, FTTP - with no copper) can offer much faster average speeds of one gigabit per second (Gbps) - that's 1,000Mbps - when compared to the other alternatives. It could potentially offer speeds in terabits per second in future. (One terabyte equals 1,000 gigabytes.)

For comparison ‘superfast’ offers speeds greater than 30Mbps, ‘ultrafast’ offers speeds greater than 100Mbps and FTTC (fibre and copper) can reach speeds up to 66Mbps.

Gigabit voucher scheme for SMEs

Glemnet is an authorised supplier on the Government’s Gigabit Voucher scheme. Gigabit vouchers can be used by small and medium sized businesses and the local communities surrounding them to contribute to the installation cost of a gigabit capable connection.

Businesses can claim up to £2,500 against the cost of connection either individually or as part of a group project. 


To find out if and how, Glemnet can help bring you up to speed (no pun intended!) and get your business connected with full-fibre broadband, call our team of experts on 0208 639 0230 or fill out the contact us form.