5 tips on how to reduce your cyber risk

With remote working rising over the last year, it’s important to keep your business and your employees safe. Cyber Attacks are becoming more common and have increased dramatically since the pandemic hit.

ReedSmith reported Phishing Scams increased by 400% over the month of March 2020 alone, making COVID-19 the largest-ever cyber security threat. The pandemic has created an atmosphere where hackers thrive and criminals are taking full advantage of a time of crisis, targeting not just individuals but organisations tooGlemnet - Cyber security (1).png.

Did you know that every 19 seconds in the UK, a business is successful hacked?

If you’re wondering how you can stay protected, see our five top tips below.

Train your employees

More than half (55%) of businesses in the UK suffered a phishing attack last year. It’s so important to educate your team. Make sure they are well trained and can spot anything suspicious, such as a phishing email. If an email appears in your inbox from an unknown sender, think before opening it. If in doubt, always report to a manager or someone in your IT department.

Use complex passwords

Make sure to use different passwords for different log ins and keep them complex. Try making sure all your passwords contain an uppercase, lowercase, symbol and are a mixture of numbers and letters. Avoid passwords that are easy to predict and make sure you change these regularly to reduce your cyber risk.

Keep your software up to date

By not keeping your software updated, you are opening yourself up to security issues and threats. If you’re worried that your team aren’t keeping their software up to date, why not introduce procedures and steps to make sure this happens on time? Some of the older versions of Windows stopped receiving security updates years ago. Our tip – stay up to date.

Back up everything

This may seem like an obvious tip but it’s one that is so important. If you were to be hit with a ransomware attack, you and your business could have data lost, stolen or even corrupted. By having all of your files backed up externally, you will be safe and able to keep your business running if faced with a ransomware attack.

Invest in a Cyber Security tool

Worried about your business not being protected? It’s probably time to invest in a Cyber Security tool. Around 65,000 attempts to hack a SME occur in the UK every single day, around 4,500 of those are successful. Our Cyber Security division here at Glemnet can help, we have tools to make sure your business is kept safe.

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Glemnet acquired security services provider, Cyber Secure in June 2020. Which brought a full suite of Cyber Security services to Glemnet customers. To view all of our Cyber Security products, please click here. Or for more information or a chat about how your business can stay protected, book a call with us today.